legacy true form digital legacy true form sketch

Legacy True Form (click on any to enlarge)
I found a concept art picture of Protoss from Star Craft and fell in love with it instantly. I decided that my character Legacy as a shapeshifter should have a true form, therefore she now became only human in desguise. The tall, grey thing is what she really looks like (she's not a space alien but its the best way to describe her). I scanned and photoshopped this picture. Despite the detail of the alien, Legacy's face was actually the most difficult thing for me to do. Human faces are REALLY hard for me. They are too plain and simple. Plain and simple is difficult for me.



indian owl man digital

Indian Owl Man (2010) (click to enlarge)
Photoshopped everything. Taking bits and pieces of other photos and slapping them together to make this. I would have done a lot better if I was allowed to do this picture my way, but the assignment called for very strict instructions, and that I had to use royalty-free photos. By the time I'm done photoshopping a picture none of the original photographers would be able to spot any of their own pictures, because I use so many photo pieces individually. The Indian Owl Man's body is made of 36 photo pieces. I take a knuckle from one photo, a finger from another, an elbow from another, etc... I never use a photo as a whole; I always use only bits and pieces to combine them into becoming a whole picture. With what I wanted to accomplish here, there were not enough royalty-free photos I needed, so this picture (in my opinion) came out very "stiff".



legacy fly clouds

Legacy in the Clouds (click to enlarge)
Photoshop assignment. The background (7 combined pictures) was easy, but it was the photo-live superheroine Legacy (my character) that was the most difficult. I was already working on photoshopping her as my own project when this class assignment came up to photoshop a "fantasy" image and I put her in it. Legacy is comprised of 56 picture bits. I had no whole picture for the body. I used bits of Superman's costume for the arms and legs and cape. The boots are from photos of Electra, Daredevil, and two other characters I don't know. The gloves are an assortment of shoulder pieces, belts, small gloves, armor bits, and red cloth from photos of X-men cosplays. Her belt is from a Batgirl photo, with some extra Electra straps. The rib padding is actually (X-men) Storm's shoulder padding from the movie photos. Legacy's mask is a mix between Robin's mask and Nightwing's mask from cosplays. Legacy's hair is also four combined hair photos, to get it right. When I photoshop something I always use dozens of bits and pieces, never a large whole.



worst nightmare

Nightmare Woods (click to enlarge)
Another Photoshop assignment, required to make a photoshop picture of a nightmare, with the limits of using only royalty-free pictures. With that limit I couldn't find a lot of free photos I could use. For the girl, I could have easily found a photo of a girl running and just photoshop a different face on her of a girl crying or screaming, but with the limit of using only royalty-free photos I couldn't find any crying/screaming photos, and I was lucky to find even this one photo of a girl running (and by luck, happening to be looking behind her.) So, I took what I had, and just mooshed the girl's mouth to be scared instead of smiling. The wolf, made of about 7 photo pieces, is actually an action figure, an animatronic costume, and a mirrored face of a wolf with a barking Dobberman's mouth.



Lola Jones

Lola Jones Digital Painting (2012)
Digitally painted in photoshop on a Cintiq.



grevious text

General Grevious Text Picture (click to enlarge)
This picture is entirely made of text letters and numbers. Even the blobs in the background are large commas, same with the shading.



light and shadows car gif

Car Shine - Light and Shadows Depth Demonstration
An animated GIF to demonstrate how highlights and shadows can make a flat picture look 3D with depth.




Vyris (click to enlarge)
A vector image made in Adobe Fireworks of a villian cyborg character I made up. This is the second bad guy (woman) I have ever made.


jean-luc demartin

Jean-Luc DeMartin

lady white wolfLady White Wolf

the silver birdThe Silver Bird

"Jean-Luc's Journey Through Time" Main Characters (click any to enlarge)
I was writing a story for one of my friends of her character, Jean-Luc DeMartin, who is a friend of the Justice Elite (picture below. Legacy, Omnis, and Suzaku), and he goes back in time to the year 1300 and finds the Justice Elite's ancestors. Lady White Wolf is Omnis's ancestor, and The Silver Bird is Legacy's ancestor. Suzaku doesn't have an ancestor here because the story goes that she is an immortal "mystic" - mystical/magical creature - and she was alive at the time. Jean-Luc DeMartin is the only character not of my design; I made him according to the descriptions my friend gave to me of him.


legacy and OmnisLegacy and Omnis



The Justice Elite (click any to enlarge)
Theses are our characters in the Justice Elite. My character is Legacy (no cape version). She is an advanced shapeshifter. (see "Legacy True Form" above, at the top, to see what she really looks like.) Omnis, the wolfling bounty huntress - my friend's character that I designed for her. And Suzaku, the phoenix sorceress - she too is another one of my friend's characters that I designed for her. The only description she gave me for it was that it is a phoenix-humanoid with a rainbow banner and a tattoo of a wing. The rest of the designs I made up myself.


heroes wanted adaption

Justice Elite and Heroes Wanted! Comparative Sheet
I kept getting funny ideas of what the Justice Elite would do off duty, so I came up with the comic strip "Heroes Wanted!" and caracitured them to be more cartoony. (comics on DeviantArt)


heroes wanted rotation

Heroes Wanted! Turn Around Model Sheet
A complete turn-around to see what the characters look like from all angles. (comics on DeviantArt)



heroes wanted emotions

Heroes Wanted! Style Sheet
Design and expressions model sheet. (comics on DeviantArt)


heroes wanted clothes

Heroes Wanted! Clothes Styles Sheet
Clothing variations of the characters. What they's wear in summer, winter, desguises, etc. (comics on DeviantArt)


heroes wanted action moses

Heroes Wanted! Action Poses
An action poses sheet to show what the characters look like doing something. (comics on DeviantArt) I even made a music video of the team. You will find it in the "Animations" tab on this site.




Heroes Wanted! Animation Music Video
I heard the song "[Strange] Just the Way I am" by Skye Sweetnam and thought it fit the Heroes Wanted! comic so well I had to animate a video of it. I wanted to experiment with it though, and only animated two parts, while the rest is flat images the camera is passing by.



legacy bold

Legacy Bold (2008)
Vector image, Fireworks, of my character Legacy.



legacy face icon whole

Legacy Face Profile
Vector image, Adobe Fireworks.



color crazy heroes villians

Color Crazy (2010)
There was an assignment to take an object and change the color scheme and see how you would react differently to it. I chose to switch the color scheme of a super hero and a super villian then ask people at quick glance which one they thought was the hero or the villian.



Lyra Perigrine cartoonLyra Peregrine (Sonic the Hedgehog style)

I was asked to create a Sonic-the-Hedgehog-type character and designed Lyra Peregrine. However, I do not much like the over-bulgy head style, so I decided to make Lyra again in my style, to compare them.


lyra peregrine my styleLyra Peregrine (My style)



kotoran costume sketches

Kotoran Steampunk Costume Design (click to enlarge)
(Drawn on Cintiq) These are design concepts for Kotoran Steampunk costumes I was going to help my friend make. After she saw my mechanical wings and steampunk costume to go with it and me mentioning I was going to go to Comicon in it she wanted a matching themed costume, so we could both go as Kotoran Steampunkers. (Kotoran is a term I made up for animal-related Steampunk designs.)



Kerby DVD

The Adventures of Kerby DVD Cover (click to enlarge)
My DVD cover design for the completed 13 episodes of the series I animated: "The Adventures of Kerby". I put this in a DVD case and shelved it with the rest of my movies, someone actually thought this was a real DVD, until I couldn't hold it in anymore and burst into laughter.

Beginning in mid school, this series was my most successful start in the media work. What is unique about this series is that it was animated in Microsoft PowerPoint, despite how many people told me that it was not possible. My PowerPoint movies have been countlessly mistaken for Flash animations every time. If you don't believe me see them yourself on my YouTube channel here. I was only able to complete 13 out of 30 episodes unfortunatly, I became busy with real movie making once I entered college.



tabby cat

Tabby Cat
Another hand-drawn picture on my Cintiq.




A digital drawing on my Wacom Cintiq.



duncan cintiq

Duncan Cintiq Drawing (click to enlarge)
This was my first Wacom Cintiq drawing ever. I was so excited when I got it, I wanted to draw something so bad! I grabbed the nearest thing to me, my bird and drew him. He didn't mind the attention. However, I don't think he approved of the drawing though, after I finished the picture he pooped on the Cintiq. 20 minutes of a brand new Cintiq in the house and he has to poop on it! *sigh* Next time I won't hold him so close to it.
is the photo of me drawing this picture on my Cintiq. Ironically 2 seconds after the camera clicked, Duncan pooped on my Cintiq (hence why he's squatting a little)






skull tattoo

Skull Tattoo (2000)
Made this in Microsoft Paint when I was 11. I drew it free hand based on a sticker tattoo I found. This may not seem like a big deal but drawing anything free-hand without the control-able line tool is reeeeeally hard in Paint.





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